Double Corona Treated Matte BOPP Thermal Laminating Film

●Corona Value: 40dynes to 42dynes (double sides treated) ●Minimum Order Quantity: 2MTs (2,000.00kgs) ●Delivery Lead: 20 days a 20ft container ●Price: FOB USD2.780/kg - USD2.968/kg ●Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

Product Details

1/9 Quick Details
* Product Name: Double Corona Treated Matte BOPP Thermal Laminating Film
* Material: BOPP (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene) + EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)
* Corona Treatment: Double sides, 42dynes
* Usage: Packaging and Laminating
* Processing Type: Multi extrusion
* Appearance: Transparent
* Hardness: Soft
* Type: Matte (Dull)
* Thickness: from 18micron (72 gauge) to 32micron (128gauge)
* Paper Core: 1” (25.4mm), 3” (76mm), 6” (152mm)
* Jumbo Roll: available (paper core 6 inch)
* Roll Width: from 180mm to 1800mm
* Roll Length: from 2000m to 6000m
* Minimum Order Quantity: 2MTs (2,000.00kgs)
* Capacity: 850Mts (850,000kgs) per month
* Delivery Lead: 20 days
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2/9 Product Description
Thermal film, compared with cold film, sees the difference that is pre-coated adhesive and to be used by thermal (hot/heat/dry) laminator.
Thermal lamination film is meaningly used to printing surface lamination in order to enhance lust and matt effect. Sometimes people also call it eva lamination film, hot lamination film or dry lamination film.

BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is mainly made of BOPP + EVA.
We use extrusion-coating process to combine these two layers.
In the final film one side has properties of BOPP film and the other side becomes heat sensitive surface used for dry lamination.
The Matte BOPP Thermal Laminating Film is produced for more comfortable looking and touch. In order to be well applied to UV Varnishing and hot stamping, it is usually double corona treated meeting value 42dynes.
Matte BOPP Films have a density close to 0.84g/ m³ and hence it provides high yield in the same cost with comparison to some other plastic films like polyester films.

We produce this product by roll format, not sheet. The thermal laminate roll usually sees length from 2000 meter to 4000 meter and width from 280mm to 1880mm (for jumbo roll usage).
Thickness available from 18micron to 32micron for this BOPP thermal laminate rolls.
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3/9 Specifications & Product Technical Parameter
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4/9 Features of Matte BOPP Thermal Laminating Film
* Crack resistance
* Super matte finish
* Excellent transparency
* Strong bonding strength
* Good resistance to chemicals and moisture barrier

5/9 Applications of Matte BOPP Thermal Laminating Film
As one of the materials to post-press, the BOPP Thermal Laminating Film rolls is used for commercial and school paper printings lamination by the printing houses.
* Leaflets
* Brochures
* Documents
* Shopping bags
* Textbook covers
* Cosmetics boxes
* Sweet and diaries boxes

6/9 Compatible Laminator or Laminating Machine
Lamination process is of joining two or more layers, aimed for protecting the prints. We need a hot laminator, or called thermal (heat, dry) lamination roller machine, to use BOPP Thermal Lamination Film by melting its EVA adhesive onto paper surface.
During the process, the film is passed on a heated roller and under reasonable pressure it sticks to the paper. This process is easy to use and can be done in home for small applications. Sometimes, people also call it heat lamination or dry lamination or hot lamination.

7/9 How to start an order?
* Minimum order quantity: 2MTs (2,000.00kgs)
* Delivery Lead: 20 days
* Payment Terms: By T/T (30% deposit and 70% balance when the goods are ready for loading)
You are able to start an order of Pouch Laminating Film like this:
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8/9 Packaging & Shipping
* Customized label available
* Roll protected by paperboard and plastic cap
* One Roll BOPP thermal lamination film, One carton
* Tens of rolls of BOPP thermal lamination film in a pallet
* 10 to 12 pallets loaded into 1*20FCL (appro. 13MTs)
* Or 20 to 22 pallets loaded into a 40 feet container (appro. 25MTs)
* Seaport: Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo
* Compensation must be retrieved in case of any quality problem

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9/9 About Sample
* Free sample testing 
* Normally sized 300mm*100m roll
* For favorite measures, please fell free to advise
* Freight for sample delivery afforded by the recipients
* But to be refunded by deducting from the first coming order automatically
* For saving the cost, we recommend the way of prepaid instead of collect
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Type: glossy and matte
Thickness: 15micron, 16micron, 17micron, 18micron, 19micron, 20micron, 
                   21micron, 22micron, 23micron, 24micron, 25micron, 
                   26micron, 27micron, 28micron, 29micron, 30micron

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