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What Is The Synthetic Paper?

Jun 08, 2018

What is the Synthetic Paper?


Synthetic paper is made of chemical materials such as olefins and then added with some additives. It has a soft texture, strong tensile strength, high water resistance, light resistance to heat and cold, and can resist the corrosion of chemical substances without environmental pollution and good air permeability. It is widely used in the printing of high-quality artworks, maps, albums, and high-grade books and magazines.


High Density Tear-Resistance Matte PP Synthetic Paper.jpgSynthetic paper is a kind of new plastic material product, and it is also an environmental protection product. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, tear resistance, good printing property, shading, anti-ultraviolet radiation, durable, economical and environmental protection. Since the production process of synthetic paper is non-polluting, it can be recycled 100% and recycled. It is a major reform of modern paper production.

Synthetic paper has a history of more than 30 years in foreign countries, especially in the United States, Japan, Canada and other developed countries, Chinese Taiwan region started earlier and developed faster. With the strengthening of global awareness of environmental protection, ordinary fiber paper caused a lot of pollution, accelerated the development of synthetic paper, the emergence of new varieties of synthetic paper, expanding the scope of application of synthetic paper. At present, world sales of synthetic paper products are increasing at a rate of 10% each year, and the pace of replacing synthetic fiber paper with synthetic paper is accelerating.

With the strengthening of global environmental awareness, synthetic paper has a wide range of applications in the country.