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Using Stretched Pet Film Should Pay Attention To The Seasons

Mar 14, 2016

Stretch film as the name suggests can be stretched as its main characteristics, can be formed. Characteristics of nylon to be extended and resilient. Film tensile strength and puncture resistance superior and inferior quality mainly depends on how much products of nylon in, whether the film is a seven-storey 5-tier or three-tier, nylon on how much of the content of the film tension and puncture strength. Even if his low content of nylon 11 thin film also fall short of good tensile and puncture, so layers does not represent the quality of the film, nor representatives have a longer shelf life.

Using stretched pet film should pay attention to the seasons

Different room temperature all the year round, the use of stretch film is based on the seasons change the temperature of the machine, heat seal temperature. Inner Mongolia region in the winter when many customers in the use of high temperature films appears torn from the chain, customers may feel their workplace temperature not low should not be frozen and brittle film. Thin film by low temperature during transport so as to make the film appear brittle, the temperature is not high in customer's warehouse, the warehouse and workshop use when not fully heated. Typically in such cases users are advised that the film placed next to the heating film 3-5 days in advance, can also be used in the machine used on "small" electric heating to be heated again.