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Tensile Polyester Film

Mar 14, 2016

Polyester film (PET) whose material is polyethylene terephthalate, produced by extrusion into thick slices, and then by made of biaxially oriented film materials. Also, is a polymer plastic film, due to its excellent performance and more and more by consumers of all ages. According to the classification of materials and production processes of the production of polyester film, pet film can be divided into bopet film and two single stretch polyester film.

Tensile polyester film (referred to as CPET), is the use of semi dull (raw material of polyester slices add titanium dioxide), after drying, melting and longitudinally stretched film, extrusion, casting, grade and the lowest prices in the polyester film, mainly used in pharmaceutical tablet packaging. Due to the use of less, fewer factory mass production, approximately about 5% field of polyester film, Chinese enterprises are less import, standard thickness 150 μ m.