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Polyester Film Of Nano-PET Film

Mar 14, 2016

Due to the different characteristics of pet film to determine its purpose. Polyester films for different purposes on the raw materials and additives, as well as process has different requirements, its thickness and specifications are not the same; also, only BOPET has many uses, so according to the use of thin film is BOPET. Can be divided into electrical insulating film, capacitor film, laminating film, universal film, Nano-PET film.

Nano PET film

High transparency and gloss: Nano-particle size between 1~100nm, smaller than the wavelength of visible light, little influence on the film's transparency.

High of barrier performance and heat performance: using has special performance of nano material and unique of processing process, makes Nano material is Nano size uniform dispersed PET matrix in the, in film production process in the through stretch orientation, to makes PET film rendering very excellent of barrier performance, O2, and CO2, and H2O through rate multiplied declined, heat performance also significantly improve, can expanded PET of application field, greatly extended was packaging real of shelf life, also can for needed hot filling or disinfection sterilization of occasions.