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Application Of PET Polyester Film

Mar 14, 2016

PET films, also known high temperature polyester film, is indispensable in the plastic packaging industry packaging material, wind-proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and, good transparency is beneficial to customers directly about products. Therefore, PET film is widely used in various fields of industry.

Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging films market prospects. China is the world's fruit and vegetable production and marketing power, however some 30% of water in storage, transportation and sales loss during which fruit rot caused by improper packing is one reason for the loss. Although the physiological properties of various kinds of fruit are not the same, but water, color, taste and the rot is a common problem. Therefore, further research on inhibition of metabolic processes, reducing the consumption of nutrients, maintain the flavor quality of the fruit is fresh-keeping package of important issues. At present, the polyethylene film and polypropylene film is the most widely used fresh fruit and vegetables packaging materials.

No matter what kind of plastic packaging, have to meet the requirements of green packaging: reducing waste; environmental problem solving solvent; recycling problems. According to environment protection and pollution-free green packaging, will society pay more attention to. Therefore, should vigorously develop the Green package, pay special attention to packaging waste processing and recycling of resources, the achievement of sustainable development requirements.