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Advantage Of Rigid Polyurethane

Mar 14, 2016

Rigid polyurethane with high temperature, usually up to 100 ℃, after adding a temperature-resistant materials, use in temperatures up to 120 ° c polyurethane foaming agent for diffusion with the replacement of the air in the environment, resulting in thermal conductivity increases with time. In order to overcome this shortcoming, airtight materials such as corrugated steel plate can be used to seal it to restrict or slow down this permutation. Field spray polyurethane foam using high temperature, high compressibility, construction is simple, more suitable for roofing insulation EPS Board. For pipes (especially the underground straight buried pipe) and when the roof insulation, reliable, waterproof, moisture-proof measures should be taken.

Taking into account the thermal conductivity due to the high temperature, and more for the heating pipe insulation. Low smoke temperature and produces a lot of smoke and toxic gases in case of fire, are not suitable as a thermal insulation material, although the low water, but as insulation material, must not be and a waterproof material.