Soft Touch Film--How To Print On Laminated Paper

Soft Touch Film--How To Print On Laminated Paper
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Soft Touch Film--How to Print on Laminated Paper

This 1.2mil 12" x 2000' Silk Matte Soft Touch Thermal Laminating FIlm offers an incredible smooth velvet feel to enhance virtually any document. This roll of film is 12" wide and 2000 feet long and is wound on a three inch core. The 1.2 mil thickness provides additional adhesive that produces an outstanding bond for any type of packaging or cased in product. This laminating film is not an ASAP (Always Sticks to All Prints) adhesive. ASAP and other digital type adhesives adversely react to the soft touch coating and ends up sticking to itself and blocking the roll (will not unwind). So, the adhesive on this material is referred to as an "aggressive copolymer" that should work fine in most applications, especially on HP Indigo produced prints. This 12" x 2000' soft touch silk matte laminating film is an excellent choice for luxury packaging of products requiring any type of post-lamination enhancements.

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