Moisture Proof Feature And Soft Hardness Bopp Lamination Film

Material:Laminated Material Type:Stretch Film, BOPP Lamination Film Usage:Packaging Film Feature:Moisture Proof Hardness:Soft Processing Type:Multiple Extrusion Transparency:Transparent Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland) Brand Model Number:BOPP Lamination Film Base Film:BOPP Film 12mic Width:from 180mm to 1880mm Length:from 2000m to 6000m Thickness:15um,17um,18um,20um,22um,25um,27um Yield:62657 sqm/MT (or 0.0160 kg/sqm) Paper Core:3inch (76mm) Machine:Heat or Dry lamination machine

Product Details

H2Moisture Proof Feature and Soft Hardness bopp lamination film
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Moisture Proof Feature and Soft Hardness bopp lamination film is an environmental material which enhances the finished item's value through high transparentcy and super luster finish. It could prevent lamination from being pressed, bubbled and desquamated. Bopp Thermal Lamination could also protect from harmful substances and water-proof, ensuring a long life storage for the printings. Particularly, matte BOPP Thermal L amination Film is good for UV vanishing and hot stamping. 

Moisture Proof Feature and Soft Hardness bopp lamination film has two calssifications: glossy/shine/tansparent and matte/opaque, both of which sees thickness from 17 micron to 32 micon. Its width could be from 180mm to 1880mm and length from 150(1 inch core, 25mm) to 4000m (3 inch core, 76mm).

the application of BOPP Thermal Laminating Film can be used to the followings:



*The glossy is seeing high transparency and excellent rewinding

*The matte is well performed to UV Vanishing and Hot Stamping Foil

*Single or double sides corona treatment, up to 42 dynes

Packaging & Delivery

You are able to place an order of BOPP Thermal Lamination Film like this:

Glossy 22micron (12BOPP+10EVA)

350mm(13.8") x 3000m(9843') x 30rolls  (weight 654.60kgs = 21.82kgs x 30rolls, square meter 31,500m²)

445mm(17.5") x 3000m(9843') x 20rolls  (weight 554.80kgs = 27.74kgs x 20rolls, square meter 26,700m²)

Matte 25micron (15BOPP+10EVA)

350mm(13.8") x 3000m(9843') x 30rolls  (weight 719.70kgs = 23.99kgs x 30rolls, square meter 31,500m²)

445mm(17.5") x 3000m(9843') x 20rolls  (weight 610.00kgs = 30.50kgs x 20rolls, square meter 26,700m²)

TOTALLY 100 rolls, weight 2,539.10kgs, square meter 116,400m²


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