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What is the new trend in the development of the tobacco film market?

Jul 12, 2018

What is the new trend in the development of the tobacco film market?


Double Corona Treated Matte BOPP Thermal Laminating Film.jpgAs the tobacco industry will continue to strengthen the promotion and cultivation of key brands in the future with the transformation mode, structure adjustment and efficiency increase, the tobacco film industry must also adapt to the new normal of the tobacco industry.

Under the circumstance of declining market demand, major Chinese cigarette companies are actively carrying out technological innovation and refined management, and at the same time, they are transmitting to upstream raw and auxiliary materials suppliers, and demanding high-quality, new-tech and personalized products to meet their higher demands. This puts higher demands on the production, technology and service quality of the tobacco film manufacturers.

The packaging film for cigarettes has excellent suitability for the machine, and generally requires a good overall performance of the film. Therefore, the smoke film must meet the equipment of different manufacturers, the packaging speed and the use environment, etc., and do not produce defective products to meet the requirements of the high quality appearance of the tobacco factory. Due to the brand competition, the market complaints are highly valued. The suppliers of tobacco accessories are more strict, and the penalties for unqualified products are more severe. The supplier will be disqualified. This will raise the performance of the smoke film products.