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What is the development trend of the plastic film industry?

Oct 29, 2018

What is the development trend of the plastic film industry?


General Usage Plain BOPET Film.jpgPlastic films are mainly used in the packaging industry, agriculture and industry. Since 2015, the plastic film industry has continuously introduced new policies, setting new standards for agricultural films, packaging films, and industrial films.

The future development direction of the two categories of products in plastic film, one is functional film, and the other is high barrier, antibacterial plastic flexible packaging film. Especially in the case of agricultural film, the new standard encourages the construction of new agricultural film production projects. On the other hand, it also puts forward new requirements for the consumption of resources such as production capacity and hydropower, which has certain requirements for the production technology of enterprises. Slowed the rate of increase in production in the plastic film industry. As for packaging films, industrial films, etc., new standards have also been proposed in environmental protection and recycling.

In recent years, the new energy and environmental protection industries have gradually developed, and the development of such industries will strongly promote the development of the plastic film industry. The plastic film industry must follow the new industry standards, overcome energy consumption issues, respond to environmental policies, and carry out technological innovations. The plastic film industry will usher in a new page.