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What are the performance characteristics of PP synthetic paper?

Oct 22, 2018

What are the performance characteristics of PP synthetic paper?


Low Density Weather-Resistant Glossy PP Synthetic Paper.jpgEnvironmental protection has always been the subject of common human appeals, and the use of plastics has made people feel helpless. They need to be used, they are not good enough, and they are easy to harm the environment. However, scientists have also studied this phenomenon! Plastics are widely used. Among the industrial and daily necessities, however, due to the characteristics of non-degradability, the damage to the environment is also enormous. Recently, scientists have synthesized a material that can effectively replace plastics, and the main component of this material is the paper we use every day.

This alternative plastic paper is also made into PP synthetic paper, which is mainly composed of a mixture of polypropylene resin and recycled paper. Since polypropylene can be extracted from waste plastics, and recycled paper can be recycled, it is far less harmful to the environment than conventional plastics. PP synthetic paper also has good plasticity and is easily injection molded. PP synthetic paper is an ideal substitute for plastics.

According to the developer, PP synthetic paper is not only environmentally friendly, but also has good processing properties. PP synthetic paper has been recommended by many environmental organizations and the attention of manufacturers. Maybe in the near future, we will see PP synthetic paper Laptop and iPad too.