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The excellent properties of packaging materials-polyester film

Mar 14, 2016

① has good mechanical properties and impact strength is 3~5 times more than other films, folding resistance, good. ② oil and fat resistant, resistant to diluted acids, alkali, resistant to most solvents. ③ excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, can be used within 120 deg long, short-term use 150 ℃ high temperature resistance, resistance to-70 degrees Celsius temperature, and high and low temperature has little influence on its mechanical properties. ④ gases and water vapor permeability, has both excellent barrier performance of gas, water, oil and smell, can improve the shelf-life of the packaging. ⑤ transparent, UV, gloss, good. ⑥ no poison, no smell, health safety, and can be used in food packaging.