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The excellent properties of biaxially oriented polyester film

Mar 14, 2016

Two-way stretch polyester film (referred to BOPET), is application has light material (also said great light material, that is in original information polyester slice in the added titanium dioxide powder, after boring, and melting, and extrusion, and cast tablets and aspect stretch of high-end film, BOPET film has strength high, and rigid good, and transparent, and gloss degrees high characteristics; no olfactory, and tasteless, and colorless, and nontoxic, and highlight of strong toughness; its stretch strength is PC film, and nylon film of 3 times times, impact strength is BOPP film of 3-5 times, has very good of wear sex, and resistance folding sex, and Resistance pinhole sex and anti-tear sex,; hot contraction sex minimum, in 120 ° c Xia, 15 minutes Hou only contraction 1.25%; has good of antistatic sex, easy stop vacuum plating aluminum, can coated cloth PVDC, to progress its hot seal sex, and barrier sex and printing of adhesion; BOPET also has good of heat sex, and excellent of resistance cooking sex, and resistance low temperature frozen sex, good of resistance oily and resistance chemicals sex,. Outside of benzyl alcohol, chloroform, nitrobenzene, BOPET film, most of the dissolved chemicals can make it. Use common.