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Polyester film what is innovation?

Mar 14, 2016

Polyester film can be different according to different processing conditions of production, used as electrical insulator, and capacitive film, polyester products such as polyester fiber now can invent for clothes? United States a university student has invented a will not be soiled t-shirt. This t-spilled Coca Cola, ketchup, mustard, milk shakes, beer, ink, or even red wine, do not leave any trace, hundreds of fluid not invulnerable. The t shirt is made from polyester fiber, and injected some chemicals with waterproof function. But is in need of attention, cannot be used when washing the t-shirts clothes softener, bleaching ironing cannot, cannot use it with other colored clothes in the wash.

In making electrical insulation film is because it has very good insulation properties, to combat the high voltage in the electrical and electronic industries would make very good insulating material, from the advantages of polyester film.