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Polyester film production process

Mar 14, 2016

Mylar aluminized technology [1] by direct plating, aluminum plating on the surface of base material film. BOPET, BOPA film base material aluminium without surface treatment before plating can be evaporated. BOPP, CPP, PE, non-polar film, evaporation before the films Corona treated or coated with adhesive layer, making the surface tension 38-42 Dyne/cm or have good adhesion. When evaporation, reel film placed in the vacuum chamber, close the vacuum chamber vacuum. When vacuum reaches a certain (4x10-4mba and above) when the evaporator temperature from 1300 ¡æ ~1400 ¡æ, then you purity 99. 9% continuous aluminum wire to on the evaporator. Adjust the volume velocity, winding speed, wire feed speed and evaporation, opened cooling source, aluminum wire continuous melting, evaporation in evaporator, thereby moving the film cools the surface forming a layer of shiny aluminum layer is polyester film.