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Electrical insulation of the Mylar film

Mar 14, 2016

Polyester film (PET) whose material is polyethylene terephthalate, produced by extrusion into thick slices, and then by made of biaxially oriented film materials. Also, is a polymer plastic film, due to its excellent performance and more and more by consumers of all ages. Due to the different characteristics of pet film to determine its purpose. Polyester films for different purposes on the raw materials and additives, as well as process has different requirements, its thickness and specifications are not the same; also, only BOPET has many uses, so according to the use of thin film is BOPET. Such as electrical insulation membrane.

Electrical insulation film: due to its has good of electrical, and mechanical, and heat and chemical inert, insulation performance good, and anti-Breakdown voltage high, designed for electronic, and electrical insulation material, common standard thickness has: 25 μ m, and 36 μ m, and 40 μ m, and 48 μ m, and 50 μ m, and 70 μ m, and 75 μ m, and 80 μ m, and 100 μ m and 125 μ m (micron). Including wire and cable insulation film (25-75 μ m thick) and a touch switch film (50-75 μ m).