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Analysis of the effect of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) price factors

Mar 14, 2016

At present, biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) market is affected by many factors, especially unexpected factors impact on BOPP formed at any time in the financial markets, businesses still need to be cautious. So, what are the factors that affect the price of BOPP?

Impact factor: macroeconomic

Analysis: at present, the economy is struggling. Greece defaults caused global concern about Europe's debt crisis, eurozone tolerance for its decline, said Greece's debt problem is a time bomb over the eurozone, Greece return possibility Europe will gradually become larger. United States economy is relatively good, but the Fed raising interest rates is also certain things, but with enhanced expectation of Fed rate hikes in the late, dollar index rising commodity form will be inhibited. Domestic economy, while the Central Bank reduced interest rate cuts, but the economic situation is still not optimistic, CPI less than 2%,PPI for ten consecutive months is 40 consecutive months of negative growth. Economic growth is slowing, Terminal lack of demand, the future Central Bank to stimulate the economy will continue to drain.

Effect: the overall macroeconomic BOPP is still on the air, the Fed raised interest rates bound to curb commodity prices, and domestic economic downturn will affect BOPP terminal requirements.