Glossy & Matte Thermal Lamination Film Roll with High Quality Competitive Price

Thickness: 15micron 18micron 20micron 22micron 25micron etc. Free samples rolls!

Product Details

* Product Name: Glossy & Matte Thermal Lamination Film Roll with High Quality Competitive Price
* Material: BOPP (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene) + EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)
* Corona Treatment: Single or double sides, valued up to 42dynes
* Type: Glossy (shine, bright) and Matte (Dull)
* Usage: Packaging and Lamination
* Processing Type: Multi extrusion
* Appearance: Clear Transparent
* Hardness: Soft
* Thickness: from 15micron (60 gauge or 0.59mil) to 30micron (120gauge or 1.18mil)
* Paper Core: 1” (25.4mm), 3” (76mm)
* Roll (reel, coil) Width: from 180mm to 1800mm
* Roll (reel, coil) Length: 2000m, 2500m, 3000m, 4000meter
* Minimum Order Quantity: 2MTs (2,000.00kgs)
* Capacity: 850MTs (850,000kgs) per month out of 5 producing lines
* Delivery Lead: 20 days
* Shelf Life: 9 months

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We are a professional manufacturer for glossy or matte thermal lamination film roll, offering competitive price with 10-year warranted quality.
A 20 feet container shall be delivered in 20 days which is under monthly capacity of 850MTs (or 850,000kgs), out of five high speed producing lines.

As a processing to printing finishing, thermal lamination is giving extra value to paper printings, such as water-proof, press-prevention, high gloss, super luster or matte surface.
It is taking terms of clear plastic film property of BOPP (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene) and thermal adhesive of EVA.

Thermal Laminatiion Film, at form of roll, is used via dry laminator or hot, heat laminating machines that melts the adhesive glue made of EVA into paper substrates, for school textbooks, book covers, magazine covers, commercial printings and large format printings.

BOPP Thermal Lamination Film enhances the finished item's value through high transparency and super luster finish. It could prevent lamination from being pressed, bubbled and desquamated. 
BOPP Thermal Lamination Film could also protect from harmful substances and water-proof, ensuring a long life storage for the printings. 
Particularly, matte BOPP Thermal L amination Film is good for UV vanishing and hot stamping as it has double corona treatment valued over 42dynes.

To be specific, this product is subject to plastic film roll with adhesive that is being laminated onto covers of paper substrates.
It is mainly consisted of BOPP+EVA.
BOPP, abbreviation of biaxially oriented polypropylene, is the base film that we use extrusion coating process to produce thermal lamination rolls.
EVA, abrreviation of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, is the adhesion combined with BOPP Film that enable a thermal lamination film roll adhesive

Sometimes people also call it heat lamination or dry lamination or hot lamination, all of which is suitable for printing methods of offset, screen, flexographic, gravure, relief and digital.
By contrast, cold lamination is adding adhesive glue liquid onto the plastic film surface while doing laminating into paper printings.

Here is easy reference for better understanding.

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Quality Assurance
Aiming at long terms business relationship, we have been serving very high quality thermal laminating film rolls, making ourselves different from the competitors, bringing real value to customers.

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Order, Packaging, Delivery and Payment Terms 
You are able to start an order of Thermal Lamination Film like this:

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* Minimum order quantity: 2MTs (2,000.00kgs)
* Customized label available
* Roll protected by paperboard and plastic cap
* One Roll BOPP thermal lamination film, One carton
* Tens of rolls of BOPP thermal lamination film in a pallet
* 10 to 12 pallets loaded into 1*20FCL (appro. 13MTs)
* Or 20 to 22 pallets loaded into a 40 feet container (appro. 25MTs)
* Seaport: Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo

* Delivery Lead: 20 days
* Payment Terms: By T/T (30% deposit and 70% balance when the goods are ready for loading)
* Most competitive price with high product quality as a reliable supplier and partner

Type:            glossy (shine, bright, brillante), or matte (mate, matt, dull)
Thickness:    15micron, 16micron, 17micron, 18micron, 19micron, 20micron, 
                     21micron, 22micron, 23micron, 24micron, 25micron, 26micron,
                     27micron, 28micron, 29micron, 30micron

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