High Transparency Various Applications Bruckner Line BOPP Films

Used for packaging, printing & lamination

Product Details

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Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film is the fine transparent soft plastic packaging material. It belongs to crystalline polymers product, whose crystallites is increased as a result of the molecular that is bi-axially oriented. Therefor its properties including strength tensile, elastic modulus, impact strength, and elongation at break and folding strength are apparently improved. 
BOPP Film features excellent transparency, high gloss, moisture-proof, light, as well as competitive lower price.
It also has good clarity, good resistance to UV light, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, reasonable scuff resistance and a great acid resistance.
After corona treatment, BOPP Film gets excellent printability and exquisite appearance effect by terms of offset printing. It is usually used as a face-layer product when taking plastic film lamination.
BOPP Film is widely used to various wrapping, packaging, printing, lamination and metallization.
BOPP Film is softer and more flexible than polyester (PET) film.
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According to application, BOPP Film is classified into:
1.Plain BOPP Film: Glossy film, used to printing, lamination (transparent and matte), and coating (adhesive tape and PVDC coating base film). This film sees most consumption and capacity among the plastic thin films
2.Heat Sealable BOPP FilmUsed to normal packaging, such as for cigarette, three-layer heat sealable, five-layer vapor barrier, pearlized and coating
3.Label BOPP FilmUsed to merchandize labels, advertisement printing, books and magazines, bottle label and overall packaging
4.Metallic BOPP FilmUsed to vacuum metallization
5.Capacitor BOPP FilmUsed to capacitor and metallic capacitor

According to film type, BOPP Film is classified into:
1.Printing BOPP Film
2.Lamination BOPP Film
3.Bag Making BOPP Film
4.Adhesive Tape BOPP Film
5.Cigarette BOPP Film
6.Matte BOPP Film
7.Heat Sealable BOPP Film
8.Pearlized BOPP Film
9.Capacitor BOPP Film
10.Anti-counterfeiting BOPP Film
11.Transfer BOPP Film

Order, Packaging, Delivery and Payment Terms 
You are able to start an order of Thermal Lamination Film like this:
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* Minimum order quantity: 3,000.00kgs (or 3MTs)
* Delivery Lead: 20 days
* Payment Terms: By T/T (30% deposit and 70% balance when the goods are ready for loading)

* Each roll independently packed or several rolls into a pallet
* Seaport: Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo
* Compensation must be retrieved in case of any quality problem
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Product Data
* Product Name: High Transparency Various Applications Bruckner Line BOPP Film
* Material: PP (Polypropylene)
* Transparency: Transparent
* Hardness: Soft
* Surface Finish: Glossy or Matte
* Usage: Packaging film, Printing film & Lamination Film
* Certificate: ISO9001, RoHS, FDA
* Processing Technology: multi co-extrusion,
* Type: Biaxial oriented stretching
* Producing Line Numbers: 8
* Producing Line Brand: BRUECKNER
* Slitter Brand: KAMPF & ATLAS
* Slitter Numbers: 20
* Maximum Line Width: 8.7m
* Jumbo Reel: available up to 9,100m 
* Roll Width: from 200mm to 2,200mm (customized welcomed)
* Roll Length: 3,000m, 3,500m, 4,000m (customized welcomed)
* Paper Core: 3" (76mm), 6" (152mm)
* Minimum Order Quantity: 3MTs (3,000.00kgs)
* Capacity: 20,000MTs (20,000,000.00kgs) per month
* Delivery Lead: 20 days

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