Matte BOPA Film

●Price: FOB USD4.05/kg - USD4.38/kg ●Payment Terms: T/T, L/C ●Minimum Order Quantity: 5MTs (5,000.00kgs) ●Delivery Lead: 25 days a 20feet container ●Thickness: 12μm, 15μm ●Capacity: 1,100MTs (1,100,000.00kgs)/month

Product Details

1/8 Quick Details
* Product Name: Matte BOPA Film
* Material: Polyamide PA-6 chip
* Transparency: Transparency
* Hardness: Soft
* Usage: printing and laminating packaging
* Printable: yes
* Corona treatment: outside
* Processing Technology: multi co-extrusion, two-stage stretching
* Producing Line Numbers: 3
* Producing Line Brand: BRUECKNER
* Maximum line width: 4.4meter
* Certificate: ISO9001:2000, EC, FDA
* Maximum Line Width: 6.7m
* Thickness: 12µm, 15µm, 
* Jumbo Reel: available up to 22,000m 
* Roll Width: from 300mm to 1,600mm (customized welcomed)
* Roll Length: 6,000m, 7,000m, 15,000m (customized welcomed)
* Paper Core: 3" (25.4mm), 6" (76mm)
* Minimum Order Quantity: 5MTs (5,000.00kgs)
* Capacity: 1,100MTs (110,000.00kgs) per month
* Delivery Lead: 25 days

2/8 Product Description
Matte BOPA Film is applicable to delicate printing packaging and superior book cover.
Biaxial oriented polyamide (BOPA) film (also called Nylon Film) meets nearly all expectations of modern and future first class applications, whether food or non-food.
BOPA films have magnificent qualities of anti-pull and anti-puncture, flexibility, strike endurance, anti-wear, flavor or smell separation, transparency, luster and printability and wide range of temperature choices, etc.
BOPA films are especially suitable for packing of foods that deteriorate easily, frozen and cooked foods, vegetables, aquatic products and medical machines, electronic products, etc.
BOPA film is also used for electrical industrial materials packaging and for some "exotic" applications like so called "designer-balloons". 
Actually, it is hardly to use this film merely. Normally it is laminated with other materials (such as PE, EVA, PET, CPP aluminum foil and paper etc.) in order to get better comprehensive performance.
The favorite raw material out of the big PA family is PA 6. It is least costly of the polyamides and offers best gas and aroma barrier, improved strength against flex-crack, abrasion, impact and poke puncture, good tearing properties for opening packages as well as mechanical strength, essential to printing and lamination processes.

3/8 Technical Parameter of Matte BOPA Film

4/8 Features of Biaxial Oriented Polyamide BOPA Film
* Maximum tensile, impact and piercing strength
* High flex-/stress-crack and puncture resistance
* Excellent barrier to gases (oxygen, nitrogen, carton dioxides) and flavors/odors
* High resistance to oil, greases, hydrocarbons, chemicals
* Easy thermo formability
* Excellent haze and gloss for cast and blown film
* Optimal printability
* Wide applicable temperature range
* Easy laminating with other films

5/8 Applications of Biaxial Oriented Polyamide BOPA Film
I.Food package: 
Vacuum refrigeration and vacuum retort package (ham, chicken, sausage and other flesh food), spice, salty food (pickles), exunge food, sea plant food, vegetable, tea and flavor etc.

II.Non-food package

Disinfected medical appliance, cosmetics, scour, shampoo, integrated circuit and some other instrument.

6/8 How to start an order?
* Minimum order quantity: 5,000.00kgs
* Delivery Lead: 25 days
* Payment Terms: By T/T (30% deposit and 70% balance when the goods are ready for loading)
You are able to start an order of BOPA Film like this:

7/8 Packaging & Shipping
#1: (3" paper core) Al-plastic film // Plywood // Plug // Carton // Pallet // Wrapping film; 9 reels per pallet 
#2: (6" paper core) Al-plastic film // Plywood // Plug // Pallet // Wrapping film; 4 reels per pallet or 2 reels per pallet
* Seaport: Xiamen, Shanghai,
* Compensation must be retrieved in case of any quality problem
Guidance to transportation and storage:
* Load carefully and light, avoid to be crashed and prevent from rain and strong sunshine when being transported
* Stored in clean and dry places
* Well piled up, avoid be distorting or damaging by crushing
* Keep 2 meters away from heating objects at least
* Better to be applied within 6 months after departure from factory

8/8 About Sample
* Free sample for testing
* Normally sized 300mm*50m
* For favorite measures, please fell free to advise
* Freight for sample delivery afforded by the recipients
* But to be refunded by deducting from the first coming order automatically
* For saving the cost, we recommend the way of prepaid instead of collect


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